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Spanish NIE Number

NIE Number

3 easy steps to apply from your country :

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You need a NIE Number if:

  • You are buying a property in Spain
  • You want to work in Spain
  • You want to start a business in Spain
  • You want to set up a Company in Spain
  • You want to study in Spain
  • You are purchasing any asset over €3,000


What is a NIE?

The NIE is the spanish tax identification number assigned by the spanish authorities to any foreigner, it is a legal requirement prior to working in Spain, purchasing a property, selling a property, obtaining a mortgage, starting up a company.

The NIE (Numero Identidad Extranjeros) is a personal, individual, and unique identification number required for all foreigners in Spain who for economic, social or professional reasons need to deal with the Spanish administration or authorities.

Regardless of whether you plan to live in Spain permanently, rent for a short period of time or just buy a property you must first obtain a NIE number.

It is possible once again to request a NIE Number in Spain by appointing a representative by means of a Power of Attorney without the need for the applicant to come to Spain. The Directive 3/12 dated April 13/2012 re-enables the application for NIE through a representative by means of a Power of Attorney expressly stating that it empowers him to apply for the NIE.

This is How a NIE looks Like:



The application process without speaking the language can be hard, stressful and time-consuming. As they applicant is required to attend twice to the National Police Station, the first time to apply for the NIE and the second time to collect it, not to mention the long queues. Also the difficulty of filling in the complex application forms, as well as the public servants lack of patience.

Once the NIE has been issued in the format of a certificate in a piece of paper, make sure to keep it in a safe place and make as many copies as you need, never hand in the original one.


Legalising your notarised documents with the Hague Apostille Stamp:

Most notaries offer this service for an additional fee, they can do it faster than if you send it by post.
Nevertheless, if you want to do the legalization yourself you can do the following:

  • Send the documents to the FCO in London with a stamped addressed envelope , and after a month you will receive the legalized documents by post. You will find more about this process, in the following link: FCO Applications by Post Page
  • Go in person to the FCO, where they issue the legalization on the same day. FCO Address is:
    • The Legalization Office. Norfolk House (West). 437 Silbury Boulevard. Milton Keynes. MK9 2AH

    in Ireland:

    You need to send the documents with an extra stamped envelope to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Dublin.
    You can go in person to the Department of Foreign Affairs, where they issue the legalization on the same day. They now have other 2 locations:

    • Passport Office in Cork . Consular Services. 1 A Southmall Cork.
    • Department of Foreign Affairs – Consular Section. Hainault House 69 – 71. St. Stephen´s Green.