If you have lost your NIE certificate and you have been requested it recently. You will have to apply for a NIE certificate to be issued again, the process is the same as applying for the first time, although it takes less time to be issued if the petitioner already has a NIE Number as they will run a search on their Records. If after running a search by your name there are no results, you will be given another NIE number. Perhaps you remember your NIE number or you may have saved a copy and it was just the original

If you are moving to Spain you might be wondering which are the essential things you need to relocate, appart from finding accommodation. Probably you have been researching on the internet and every website you have visited related to relocation and moving to Spain, mentions the NIE Number. Sometimes excess information can be overwhelming. Let´s simplify the matter. If you plan to come to Spain for something else than turist purposes, then yes, you need to apply for a NIE Number. You will find it imposible to function if you do not have a NIE number. You will need one to buy a

Madrid is one of the most popular turist destinations and the third most populous city in Europe. It is also known for its lively nightlife. Located in the centre of the country, the city offers hot days in the summer and cool days in Winter, with occassional snow. As a Cosmopolitan city its cultural agenda offers a wide variety for any type of audience. With one of the most complete calendars of shows, concerts, festivals and exhibitions in the world. Museo del Prado is a premier art museum with Works by Goya, Boticelli, Rubens, Velazquez, Picasso and Rembrandt, it also offers special art exhibitions which

Barcelona is internationaly known for being one of the most beautiful and stimulating cities in the world. It has a wide variety of attractions including a old town centre, the Barri Gótic, which keeps its medieval street plan. It has an amazing modernist architecture such as Antonio Guadi´s buildings, amongst which are La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milá, Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens, Park Güell. This city has a perfect climate, with 4 kilometres of sandy beaches and it´s geographical location make it ideal for it easy Access from the rest of Europe. Its modern international airport, one of the biggest in the world

In response to queries submitted by our users on how to renew the NIE, we present the following information. IMPORTANT: Because there is some confusion regarding to the NIE, we will clarify that the NIE Number cannot be renewed because it is a unique foreigner´s identification number which is granted only once and it is needed to deal with the Administration, whether it is to apply for a building licence, pay your taxes or register in the National Health Service. The foreign ID card (tarjeta de Residencia) is the personal identification document for foreigners, which is similar to the DNI or identity card for Spanish

The Tax Office in an information note explained the concept of the NIF and NIE as well as its differences: the tax regulation uses for tax purposes, peoples´s identification number issued by the Direccion General de Policia. The Police issues identity cards to foreigners, which are similar to the national identity card or DNI, in the case of foreigner this identification card is called Residency card and it is only issued to foreigners who are granted residency permit, if you are national of a EU member state you will be issued a Tarjeta de Regimen Comunitario, whilst if you belong to a non EU

Reasons to move to Spain and tips to survive & love it Spain has always fascinated foreigners. Its combination of mild weather, old world history and charming culture is a powerful mix. The souther coast of the country, has everything which makes Spain attractive. You can choose between living in a typical spanish town, with its white houses, and its balconies full of flowers, an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean or a countryside villa. Spain has a wide variety of scenery. Sea and Mountain Views If you are looking for an exclusive way of life, Marbella is the perfect option, the city lie son the

To incorporate an SL or limited liability company in Spain, you need to designate an administrator to be the legal representative and run the company. Whether you are going to act as an administrator or simply own a percentage of the company you should be aware that the administrator needs to apply for a NIE number as well as to be registered as an Autonomo in the Tax Office. If someone else is going to run the business for you but your share of the company exceeds the 30% then, you should also request a NIE number. It is important for consultants and

The NIE number works in a similar way to the British National Insurance number and it is an essential piece of paperwork. Once it has been issued, your NIE number will be unique to you and will remain unchanged for your lifetime. Most people think that the NIE is valid during certain period of time and that you need to renew it, the same as the residency permit, but actually that is not the case, the NIE number allocated remains with the applicant for life. This Foreigner´s Identification Number s the way the Spanish Government uses to keep a track on you

Before arriving to Spain, whilst I was organizing everything to move to Spain I was told that the first thing I should do after my arrival was to apply for the NIE number. I was not explained what it was nor what I needed it for, but its importance was clear. They told me I should request it in the nearer Police Station. So as a very organized person I went the day after my arrival to the nearer Police Station to apply for this piece of documentation that was so important to have. No one told me that in Spain