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The Spanish Law recognizes the possibility for any individual to be represented by another for all legal purposes, through a legalized spanish Power of Attorney thus opening the possibility to bypass the requirement to apply in person for the NIE. 

Estimated time to complete the procedure:

After receiving your documents (legalized copy of Passport and legalized POA) the NIE number is issued within 2 weeks.

Before sending both the Passport and the POA they need to be notarized and legalized (The Hague Apostille). Most notaries offer both services, thus expediting the process up to 3 business days.

Do I have other expenses besides your fees?

  • Postage Costs may vary depending on the service you select: Post office 5€ / Courier 15-40€
  • Notary (POA) & Legalization (POA & Passport copy): from 50€ to 200€

How does the NIE look like?

The NIE number does not look like an ID card, it is in fact, a sheet of A4 paper with your personal details along with an official Stamp from the Spanish National Police.

The original must be kept safe, as it is an extremely important identification and along with your Passport and residency card it can be used together for government and tax related matters.

If your NIE gets lost:

To apply for a duplicate NIE we need to follow the same process as the first NIE application. The details need to match the ones from the first application to avoid problems when issuing the NIE duplicate. (the police need to be sure that it is the same person who is applying for the duplicate).

Non EU citizens. Documents required:

The applicant needs to send the notarized and legalized POA and legalized copy of the full Passport (all pages). As well as documents proving why you need a NIE number. If the NIE is needed for a property purchase, by showing a private purchase contract or similar will be enough. The draft of the POA will be sent to the applicant after payment has been made.

Power of Attorney

Is a document authorizing to represent or act on another person´s behalf for the stipulated tasks or responsabilities that are outlined within the POA itself. It needs to be legalized to be legally binding.

In the NIE application service, the powers granted are only for the purpose that is intended, therefore it is restricted to obtaining the Foreigners Identification number.


Notary: POA prices.

Estimated costs of a POA in UK:

Notary Fees: 100 £.
Legalization w/Apostille stamp: 27 £ for each document
Returning documents using standard registered Post: 5 £.

Estimated cost of a POA in Ireland:

Notary Fees: 80€
Legalization w/Apostille Stamp: 20€ for each document
Returning documents using standard registered Post: 10€


Applying for the NIE number through the Spanish consulate:

You can apply for your NIE number in the Spanish Consulate, the process usually takes up to 12 weeks, but it may vary from one country to another. Please, contact your local Spanish Consulate and request information about how long this process takes applying through them.


Can I come to Spain and apply for the NIE myself? Is it complicated?

You can present yourself at the National Police Station in the Town you are staying. The application process without speaking the language can be complicated , frustrating and time-consuming due to the lengthy queues. The applicant is required to attend twice to the National Police Station, the first time to apply for the NIE and the second time to collect it. Also the difficulty of filling in the complex application forms, as well as the public servants lack of patience.