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Lost NIE

If you have lost your NIE certificate and you have been requested it recently. You will have to apply for a NIE certificate to be issued again, the process is the same as applying for the first time, although it takes less time to be issued if the petitioner already has a NIE Number as they will run a search on their Records. If after running a search by your name there are no results, you will be given another NIE number.

Perhaps you remember your NIE number or you may have saved a copy and it was just the original which has been misplaced and you are now being asked to provide the original, in those cases if the petitioner already knows his/her NIE Number, it will easily appear on the records, thus making the process faster. Nonetheless, the form to fill in, the Administration fees to be paid and the documentation to be presented will be the same as in the case of a standard NIE application.

Usually the original NIE certificate is requested in order to purchase or sell a property in Spain.

Have you been asked for the original and you cannot find it, we can request it on your behalf, apply now and receive it in 10 days.