Moving to Spain

If you have been thinking of moving to Spain, and embrace a lifestyle change, you should start doing some research about the different áreas and once you get to know the pros and cons of each one, you can decide which one is more suitable for you and the type of life you want to do.

Thee first question you should ask yourself is whether you are going to make a permanent move to Spain or if you plan to have a holiday home there.

There are several options, you can choose between seaside áreas with or without golf courses or to live in a typical spanish town and enjoy the mountain views and countryside. On the other hand another another thing to consider will be to relocate in an área withe a large expatriates community.
We suggest to rent for a couple of months priore to buying a property so you can get to know the área in every season and how it Works out for you. You might like it in the summer and get home-sick during Winter months.

Whichever área you choose, either Catalunya, Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol, Spain will deffinitely offer you exquisite food, great wines and a relaxed way of life, along with its very well known sun.

After taking the decisión you should start preparing all the necessary paperwork for Spain and the first thing you need as soon as you step a foot in the country will be the NIE, which is the Foreigner´s Identification number, which will be needed to apply for a work position, start a business of your own, apply forthe public health insurance, buy a car or a property , as well as register your son or daughter at the school or university.

The NIE Number application must be requested by the applicant personally in the nearer Foreigner´s Office or National Police Station. However, due to a new legislation it is possible for the applicant to be represented in the application process, thus a lawyer can request the NIE Number on your behalf, fastening the process and making sure everything is correct .

Sometimes it can be difficult for a foreigner to understand the procedure or even the way the public servants speak, due to the different accents of each área. Also Each área has a different way to follow the procedure, in some Foreigner´s Offices you have to make an appointment to present the application and then return after certain amount of days to receive it., others might take between 1 week and 20 days to issue the NIE. It all depends where you apply for the NIE.

If you are one of those people who is used to planning things ahead to avoid unexpected inconveniences, you should apply for the NIE with our NIE Application Service, and arrive to Spain with the most important piece of documentation already with you, in 2 weeks, this will sabe you many headaches, as Spain is well know for ist bureaucratic administration and you do not wish to start your relocation with a bad experience.
Use our online service and start your move smoothly

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