Myths about the NIE Number

In response to queries submitted by our users on how to renew the NIE, we present the following information.

IMPORTANT: Because there is some confusion regarding to the NIE, we will clarify that the NIE Number cannot be renewed because it is a unique foreigner´s identification number which is granted only once and it is needed to deal with the Administration, whether it is to apply for a building licence, pay your taxes or register in the National Health Service.

The foreign ID card (tarjeta de Residencia) is the personal identification document for foreigners, which is similar to the DNI or identity card for Spanish nationals, and it is awarded once you reside legally in Spain.

It is the Residency card the one that expires, your NIE or Foreigner´s Identification Number never expires, as it will be the same for life.

What should I do if I lost my NIE Certificate?
If you have misplaced or lost your NIE certificate, you can contact us and we will request to be issue a new certificate, the cost is the same one, as the paperwork and process are similar to the one needed to apply for a NIE number for the first time, however the NIE number will be the original one.

How long will it take?
Although the documents that are required are the same ones, the estimated time to issue a new certificate is shorter. That means that you can have your new certificate with your original NIE number in one week by post.

Can I get my NIE Number if I have exceeded my tourist visa in Spain?
For non EU nationals, you must have a tourist visa or any permit at the time of the application, in order to be able apply for the NIE.
If you are abroad you must not have surpassed the a tourist permit. This fact can be noticed by the Police Officer who is issuing your NIE, by looking at all the pages of your Passport. Nationals from Non Eu countries are required to send copy of all the pages of your Passport, in order to check if you have violated your tourist permit or visa.

If you have not yet come to Spain and have not breached any permit, then you can freely apply for the NIE.

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