NIE Barcelona

Barcelona is internationaly known for being one of the most beautiful and stimulating cities in the world. It has a wide variety of attractions including a old town centre, the Barri Gótic, which keeps its medieval street plan.

It has an amazing modernist architecture such as Antonio Guadi´s buildings, amongst which are La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milá, Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens, Park Güell.

This city has a perfect climate, with 4 kilometres of sandy beaches and it´s geographical location make it ideal for it easy Access from the rest of Europe. Its modern international airport, one of the biggest in the world offers plenty of economic alternatives to fly within Europe and with direct flights from most cities in the world.

If you are thinking of relocating to Barcelona, mixing a relaxed way of life but without loosing the Cosmopolitan touch, this city is the best option, as it has seaside, its great views and you can still enjoy the perks of living in a big city.

But before moving, you need to plan ahead, in order to make your relocation, easier and as much stress-free as possible. The first thing you need to do once you decide you will be coming to Spain is to apply for your NIE, which is the foreigner´s identification number. You will need it for almost every facet of your life in Spain, such as work, study, buy a car or register in the National Health Insurance, even to contract a mobile phone number or internet. And who can live without them nowadays?

Dealing with the Spanish Adminstration is not easy, specially if you do not speak neither catalán nor spanish. Depending on the Police Station you apply to, the process to follow varies, some of them assign appointments for the next week and then once the application has been presented you have to wait a couple of days to collect it. That means that you will have to go three times in order to get the NIE certificate.

We offer an Online NIE Number service, we can get the NIE number for you by applying on your behalf, and in two weeks you will receive your NIE certificate in your home address by post. Without going through unnecessary queues and making your move to Spain easy.

To get your Online NIE Number, fill in our form and Apply Now!

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