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Welcome to Spanishnienumber

Obtain your NIE from your country and in only 2 weeks.

You just have to:

  1. Fill in the Application form here.
  2. Submit your payment (form of payments accepted: Credit Card, Paypal or bank transfer)
  3. We email you the Power of Attorney.
  4. You send us the POA and copy of Passport once notarized and legalized.
    • Notarization: Take the Power of Attorney and Passport to your nearer Notary Public.
    • Legalization: After the documents have been notarized, they require legalization.
    • You can ask your notary if they can also take care of the legalization and send the documents by post. If not, you can legalize and post it yourself.
  5. You get you NIE number by email within a week and within 10 days by post.