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The Importance of the NIE Number

The NIE number works in a similar way to the British National Insurance number and it is an essential piece of paperwork.

Once it has been issued, your NIE number will be unique to you and will remain unchanged for your lifetime. Most people think that the NIE is valid during certain period of time and that you need to renew it, the same as the residency permit, but actually that is not the case, the NIE number allocated remains with the applicant for life.

This Foreigner´s Identification Number s the way the Spanish Government uses to keep a track on you in relation to income tax or wealth tax which you may be due to pay.

By getting the NIE number you can Register for the Spanish national Health insurance, study in a spanish university, obtain a business permit either by setting up a company or working on your own.

To obtain the NIE you need to justify the reason why you are requesting it, in the case of EU nationals there are no problems and they issue the certificate without obstacles, however in the case of Non-EU nationals, if they are applying from Spain, they also need to prove that they are legaly staying in the country, this can be done by producing a copy of the Passport which might have the visa on it or other authorization certifying their stay.

Even if you have no urgent need for a NIE number it is convenient to apply for it, if you are thinking of relocating to Spain. You are almost certain to need it at some point in time, and by planning ahead and applying early, you could save yourself a lot of stress and problems later.

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