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Reasons for Living in Spain

Reasons to move to Spain and tips to survive & love it

Spain has always fascinated foreigners. Its combination of mild weather, old world history and charming culture is a powerful mix. The souther coast of the country, has everything which makes Spain attractive. You can choose between living in a typical spanish town, with its white houses, and its balconies full of flowers, an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean or a countryside villa. Spain has a wide variety of scenery.

Sea and Mountain Views
If you are looking for an exclusive way of life, Marbella is the perfect option, the city lie son the shore of the Mediterranean, half way between the Gibraltar Strait and the main city of Malaga. Marbella offers 27 kilometres of coastline.
Despite your location in Marbella you can be assured of either a sea or mountain view.

Mild Weather and Sunny days
Marbella is proud of having an average anual temperature of 18 degrees Celsius – 64 degrees Fahrenheit, and reaching the high twenties during summer – 80´s degrees Fahrenheit . In the Winter season the temperature hardly ever drops below a balmy 16 Celsius – 60 degreesFahrenheit. During this season, can also see snow on the highest peaks of Sierra Blanca, which generally melts within days.
Costa del Sol área enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, offering plenty of opportunity for sun lovers and beachgoers.
Marbella has been the vacation destination of various Europe´s wealthy and famous, many jet-set personalities, aristocrats and royalty members are amongst its regular visitors.

Besides its lovely weather, Spain is also recognized around the globe for its great Mediterranean food and excellent wines. Seven of the most prestigious restaurants in the world, with 3 michelin star, are located in Spain, amongst them: Azurmendi, Arzak, Berasategui, Akelarre and El Celler de Can Roca.

Five Spanish wineries are among the hundred best wine societies of “World Ranking”, these are three of La Rioja (Marqués de Murrieta, Lopez de Heredia and Roda), one of Ribera del Duero (R Wines) and Valencia (Mustiguillo).

Once you have decided that Spain is the country where you want to relocate, there are some guidelines which will help you in the relocation process.

Tips on how life is lived in Spain

1. A very usual answer when dealing with the Spanish Bureaucracy is “Falta Uno”, no matter how many documents and copies you take along there will always be one missing. Therefore, make sure you double check every piece of document you think you might need and add a few more eventhough they have not requested them, when it comes to the Spanish Administration, it is better to take along with you additional documentation, you never know, you may surprise them.
Be patient and confident. Take someone who speaks the language to help you out.
2. Time is relative. In Spain the morning or “la Mañana” lasts until about 2pm, the afternoon “la Tarde” stretches to nightfall, they have no word for evening and the early hours are called “la Madrugada”.
3. Do not forget to apply for your NIE before arriving to Spain, this will make things smoother upon your arrival. You will need the NIE to open a bank account, to make a contract for a mobile phone and internet, to contract the water and electricity supplies and for many daily life activities.
4. August is a complicated month to carry out anything, as most of the Spanish people are away on holidays and the Administration is working with half of its staff or less