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Spanish Company Formation and the NIE Number

To incorporate an SL or limited liability company in Spain, you need to designate an administrator to be the legal representative and run the company. Whether you are going to act as an administrator or simply own a percentage of the company you should be aware that the administrator needs to apply for a NIE number as well as to be registered as an Autonomo in the Tax Office. If someone else is going to run the business for you but your share of the company exceeds the 30% then, you should also request a NIE number.

It is important for consultants and entrepreneurs in Spain to have all documentation ready even before they set up, that includes each person who will form part of the company or business project to have a NIE number. This will be required to be issued a Social Security number by the local Social Security Office.
You do not really need to have a job in Spain to have a NIE, however you need one in order to work, so it is worth applying for it before anything else, so that it is all set before you start your business. This number is the equivalent to the National Insurance Contribution in the UK. Self employed individuals or Autonomos need to pay the social security contributions themselves, but if you are an employee then your company or employer will deduct the amount automatically from your pay.

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